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Celebrating Childhood

Celebrating Life

A parental initiative to understand
Natural parenting

Invitation to collaborate


A campaign for

re-thinking, re-imagining, and re-researching

the inherent needs of children and how do we provide that?

We are planning a confluence of like-minded people who are deeply
concerned and open to discuss about what is happening to children
today in the name of education and ‘progress’...that they are being
infantilized and crippled by ‘modern’ parenting styles, school and
advertising - with excessive care, instructions and unhealthy products.


There is a need to respect the inherent abilities of children,

to create conditions for them to awaken their potential in a
process-oriented (rather than product-oriented and
productivity-focussed) environment.
Let us take this opportunity to address the demons of our own
childhood so that we don’t propagate the same harm to our children.
It is time to look at how we became anthropocentric - interpreting the
world in terms of modern human values and experiences.
There is still hope to sensitively create an environment for children
to retain their inborn nature-centric beingness - to experience the
world in terms of natural values.
We intend, through this confluence, to explore how we may reclaim our
own innate nature, and return to deep meaning through authentic
Inviting volunteers to support the following activities
•       Brainstorm
•       Transcribing the voice,
•       Writing skills
•       Google-based research
•       Copywriting skills,
•       Website related,
•       Video making and editing,
•       Social media making and promotion,
•       Suggesting speakers,
•       Suggesting topics,
•       Suggesting spaces
•       Promoting the events,
•       Raising funds,
•       Volunteer
•       Etc



As the tools of modernity – literacy, schooling, consumerism - invade
our lives, we have lost our basic human nature. With the advent of digital tools and AI the crisis has deepening unfathomable limits.

Should we learn

the word or the world?

Should we be analyzing second hand information or creating knowledge of the world?

Unless we address this core cognitive crisis, we will never be able to understand the real damage and save ourselves.





The Foundation is engaged in research on the various aspects of learning and children. Children create their own knowledge about the world when they are left alone and have a conducive environment. Because of the undue importance given to schooling, the natural process of learning in children is badly affected. How to bring back their natural learning process, how to understand children, how to create a conducive atmosphere for their innate learning process are the issues we address in our research. We conduct workshops for parents, teachers and all those who are engaged with children.

This is the need of the hour, particularly, because of the mad rush and competition children are thrown into.   We wish to reach all the parents, teachers and others to make them aware of this risk and its consequences.

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